Gordon Xplosion Red Fruit

“Xplosion Red Fruit” (11%) has a garnet red colour and makes its mark with vigour not only via its eye-catching design, but also through the beer itself.

It presents a very powerful and fruity nose of candied cherries as soon as the can is opened. Things are confirmed upon first tasting, with a sweetness of a fairly fleeting nature that leaves an opening for the bitterness of hops and for woody notes, like those of cherry stones. It hits the palate confidently but not aggressively, leaving an opportunity for the taster to appreciate its virtues and expect that its conclusion will without a doubt leave strong aromatic traces.

The taster also experiences its solid alcohol content, implying that the beer must above all be appreciated and consumed in moderation. However, it also implies that the beverage will confer a wonderful feeling of happiness.

  • Alcohol: 11%
  • Colour: Red
  • Fermentation: Low
  • Country of sales: Belgium, France
  • Type: XXXtra Strong Flavoured Beer
  • Temperature: 4º – 6º
  • Format: Can 50 cl