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Gordon Xplosion Honey Whisky
Gordon Xplosion Honey Whisky

Gordon Xplosion Honey Whisky, is an Xplosive beer ! Discover the perfect match between whisky beer & honey, with a Gordon touch ! Taste the unique experience of Gordon Xplosion Honey Whisky. Welcome the bees, bless the whisky barrels, Gordon Xplosion Honey Whisky is here ! To be consumed with care. Taste : Subtle presence of whisky, round and warm character. Ending slightly sweetened.

  • Alcohol: 9%
  • Colour: Blond
  • Fermentation: Low
  • Country of sales: Belgium, Finest Shop
  • Type: Strong Flavoured Beer
  • Temperature: 4°- 6°
  • Format: Can 50 cl