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Gordon Xplosion Gin Spices
Gordon Xplosion Gin Spices

“Xplosion Gin Spices” (11% vol. alc.), is simultaneously a veritable revolution for the palate and an explosion of flavours. Above all, the notes from its spices recall the best gins, a drink that has very much had the wind in its sails over the last few years.

With your eyes closed but your nostrils wide open you would swear you had a glass of the traditional favourite tipple of the British in front of you. Nevertheless your ears will give the game away as soon as they hear the foam hitting the glass, confirming that the beverage in question is indeed beer. That said the beer displays only a modest, albeit constant, sparkle, causing a regular but unhurried activity in the glass. The bitterness is present and correct, but rather unexpectedly leaves a corky and woody impression even though the beer actually comes in a can. It also exudes a fennel-like flavour, along with one of, quite naturally, juniper berries. The beer needs to be enjoyed with a great deal of elegance and nimbleness. It thus defines with great aplomb its affinity with spices traditionally used for gin, like angelica root. They allow the beverage to take flight towards divine success. However, enthusiasm should be tempered as the beer must not lead you towards excessive consumption either, in view of its high alcohol content and stimulating flavours.

Enjoyed in moderation, it will leave you with a very long spicy aftertaste and contribute to ultra-easy digestion. A resounding success!

  • Alcohol: 11%
  • Colour: Blond
  • Fermentation: Low
  • Country of sales: Belgium, France, Finest Shop
  • Type: XXXtra Strong Flavoured Beer
  • Temperature: 4º - 6º
  • Format: Can 50 cl