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Gordon Finest Chrome
Gordon Finest Chrome

Brilliant blonde with an audacious, powerful and masculine nature, Gordon® Finest Copper® is a genuine high-fermentation ale. Its intense gilded colour with copper reflections, supported by the force of the Gordon clan, gives it a rough but brave and courageous nature. This roughness of appearance expressed by the rivets is rounded and polished by the rigorously selected top-quality ingredients. Slightly strong, it allures from the very first sip by a totally smooth and simply exquisite taste. Easy to drink, like a deep-throated caress !

Taste-wise ...

With a sensational freshness to the palate and cordial desire, this remarkable blond of high fermentation reverberates to the tongue buds like a domestic spinning cat, which also can claws, when necessary. This beer conjugates perfectly a progressive bitterness and softly persisting in the after taste, conceding the emancipation of the taste of yeast and barley in the middle of the mouth. It can be a double discovery in a can or in a glass, but both will be a liberation of pure happiness in one click !

  • Alcohol: 10,5%
  • Colour: Blond
  • Fermentation: Low
  • Country of sales: Mainly in France. If you’re lucky you can find them in Italy and Spain. Otherwise, on the Finest Shop
  • Type: XXXtra Strong Lager
  • Temperature: 4º - 6º
  • Format: Can 50 cl