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Gordon Finest Beers : the strength of seduction joins forces with the power of persuasion. Gordon Finest Beers take their name from the Gordon clan, a Scottish House that dates back centuries. The Beers honour in particular Adam de Gordon, who distinguished himself in the thirteenth century at the side of King Louis IX of France, also known as Saint Louis. A few years later, that valorous Anglo-Norman received land in Aberdeenshire from King Robert I - "Robert the Bruce” - the father of Scottish independence.

It is to pay homage to this clan, one of the greatest, that John Martin and his direct descendent Anthony, have been refining the exclusive recipes of Gordon Finest Beers for over a century. The Beers’ Scottish origin and strength of character give them a mellow taste and an explosive temperament to be reckoned with.

Proudly sporting the thistle and its tartan, both key emblems reflecting its noble Scottish origins, Gordon has become an iconic brand. Its varied formats will satisfy the finest of connoisseurs and assume a proud position in the hallowed brotherhood of strong beers.


Welcome to the GORDON Clan

These days, it seems it's become necessary for marketing and advertising people to impose a certain way of life on men, and to assume that this is in fact the only way men should live their lives. And somehow, we came to believe these lies, that all men should have an incredible physique, fearless self-confidence and shining, sweaty bodies doing extreme sports for breakfast. And to reinforce these ideas, brands keep shoving the same old lies in the faces of men. Well. No more.

We, at Gordon Finest Beers, fight for the good of men. Because a real man is not an advertising cliché. Because being a man needs nothing more. Doing nothing is great. Standing still is going forward. Perfection is a mistake. Men have nothing to prove. Because men are just men, who like beer. A lot.

Gordon. Nothing to prove.


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